About Us


Our mission is to promote a safe home and environment to foster prosperity on earth while leading the way for environmental conscious businesses.


Our vision is to be the leading and most preferred LPG Company with a vast Engineering, Logistics network and a strong retailing base and to provide qualitative LPG delivery and Logistics service solutions at very competitive market rates that would enable our customers achieve their objectives in today’s demanding and rapidly changing commercial environment.

We will meet our vision through commitment to the following key areas:

  • Offering qualitative services at competitive prices
  • Provide innovative, flexible and customized service
  • Develop long term, co-operative, team based relationships with our, partners and customer to ensure their material management needs are met in a timely manner.
  • Provide adequate training of management to conform with international best practices
  • Use modern, well-designed, yet simple and easily understood business processes supported by responsive information systems that are continuously refined using the most up to date technology.

Our activities and business are controlled by values that promote sustainable development, structured performance and result-oriented, developing the readiness for change, overcoming challenges with zeal.

We create environmental awareness and changing energy needs affecting the way our customers operate. With our unified products and services, we are strategically positioned today to answer the customer’s needs for energy flexibility and efficient solutions. We have prepared to meet the increasing demands for gas based technologies within the LPG industry.

Our goal-getting drive, customer focus, and zeal for doing things right create conducive environmentally sustainable solutions, which brings value to all our customers and stakeholders. We will use our engineering competences and project management skills to accomplish growth by giving our customers new and ultimate solutions.

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