Logistic Services

Trading & Bulk

We provide competitive prices at multiple supply locations. A team of sales and supply experts consistently monitor the market closely to take full advantage of prime buying opportunities. You can rely on our Wholesale programmes and take advantage of controlling your costs and adding stability to your bottom line.

Trucking & Delivery

SarGas Energy® Logistics has one of the largest combined Supply and Transportation network in the industry with our Bobtails & Bridger, Refrigerated Vessels strategically placed throughout Nigeria which is traced and routed using satellite communication systems. We provide our clients with world class Logistics services to meet their needs in a timely manner.

SAR Credit

As a SarGas Energy® Wholesale customer, you can take advantage of a variety of purchasing options that are flexible to fit your business needs. If our programs do not satisfy or meet your demand, we will design a program for you that will! Some buying options include: short and long term contracts, index formula options, credit purchasing and fixed Pre–Buy pricing. SAR Credit is a payment plan system for bulk and commercial buyers of Gas. The plan enables our clients and customers purchase gas and pay according to the buying option chosen.

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