Our Values


At SarGas Energy®, safety is a way of life. We employ a full-time safety management team and we are equipped with adequate safety trainings to conform to the international safety standards. We provide various safety features such as firefighting systems, gas leakage detection systems, tank level gauging systems, accident prevention systems, over fill protection systems, disaster management systems etc. For businesses, our safety program covers comprehensive training program by our certified technicians, instructing our clients on the proper handling of equipment and safe procedures according to the industry standards. We practice and reinforce safety through implementation of our staff trainings that ensures that SARGAS Energy achieves and maintains world-class safety performances.


With our dedicated employees, we’re in the business to serve you as we offer 24- hour live emergency service should any problem arise. Our assurances covers every single sector we cover to give you value. We offer a wide variety of payment and billing options to fit your unique needs, timely delivery of projects and swift gas deliveries.


We're always available when you need us. With the help of our automatic delivery forecasting system, you’ll never run out of gas. As a residential or commercial user of LPG, you rely on us to provide LPG. We are here to make sure you have constant supply of LPG. We have the dependability and flexibility to ensure you won’t lose any time or money waiting for service with our quick and dedicated Bobtail Trucks and well trained delivery men to meet your needs.

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